Your first invoice will be generated 30 days from today. If we cause delays in the processing of your product line(s) we will postpone billing.

Your participation in RPMWare for Manufacturers (RfM) grants RPMWare Inc. perpetual, revocable, permission to use the intellectual property (IP) that you provide; it does not release your copyright ownership of said IP or transfer copyright to RPMWare Inc. RPMWare will not release your data in raw form to any 3rd parties without your consent. You may, with written notice, revoke your participation in RfM at any time.

Why Signup?

Your Products. Our Catalog.

RPMWare clients sell a ton of product: over $600,000 a month (that number doesn't include offline sales). Adding your products to our catalog allows them to easily pick up your line and get right to selling.

Massive Exposure

RPMWare websites reach a half-million people and generate over 5-million pageviews each month – people actively looking to purchase, not just skimming some magazine.

No Work For You

Our team handles all the spreadsheet wrangling, image cropping, and data standardization on your behalf. Simply provide us the raw materials and we’ll emerge on the other end with accurate data standardized to industry approved AAIA standards.

Extend Your Staff

Don't bet your company's success on an intern or data-entry clerk that doesn't know the industry, allow us to help you manage one of your most valuable assets: your intellectual property and product catalog. We have handled everything from creating part number schemes to designing warehouses and we're ready to help with your needs too.

$299 a Month

Priced to provide an incredible value, RPMWare for Manufacturers is simply the most cost efffictive way to expand your sales channel, ensure accurate data throughout the channel, and expose your product line(s) to millions of potential customers.

Who Are You Guys?

RPMWare is a small team of industry veterans dedicated to creating incredible software applications for shops, warehouse distributors and manufacturers. We’ve been at it for 8 years now.

We’re best known for creating turn-key, pre-loaded online stores for performance shops – websites with tens-of-thousands of part numbers from over 275 different manufacturers – websites that sell over $1,000,000 of your product each month.

Is There a Long Term Commitment

NO. We bill monthly. There are no contracts. You can cancel at any time.

What Happens to My Data?

After you send us your raw materials we standardize all your product information into an industry standard format. The process typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Once that is done, we make your product line available to RPMWare clients to sell on their websites, over the phone, and in their showrooms.

Who Are These Clients?

RPMWare serves hundreds of shops and distributors in the automotive aftermarket. Collectively, they sell millions of dollars worth of parts each month.

Is There a Free Trial?

No. Immediately after you signup we commit our team to processing your data to make your products look great for our clients. This work is extremely time consuming and prevents us from offering a free trial. We're certain you'll be pleased with the results. If you're not, you may cancel anytime after your initial billing cycle.

Can I Cancel?

Absolutely. We're not fans of lock-in. If we can't earn your business every month, we don't want your money.

Can I Export My Data?

Yes! We're working on functionality to let you export your data on-demand. Until that is done we'll be happy to help you export your data into a format you can use.

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely. All your data is stored at our secure datacenter. Sensitive information like credit cards and login credentials are encrypted at all times. All sensitive business is conducted over industry standard 128bit SSL. We've spent thousands to ensure our systems are safe and secure.

Does RPMWare Sell Parts?

Not Anymore. Our founders are industry veterans but our focus is now on building RPMWare to help you grow your business.

Can I choose who sells my products?

Kinda. We stay completely neutral when it comes to relationships between our clients and any third party. There is no off button; however, there are legal avenues you may persue. The most common of which is a DMCA takedown notice which we, by Federal law, are required to comply with.